doapi-tag — manage DigitalOcean tags


doapi-tag new    <tag> ...
doapi-tag show   [<tag> ...]
doapi-tag update <tag> <new name>
doapi-tag delete <tag> ...

doapi-tag also takes the universal options common to all doapi commands.


doapi-tag new <tag> ...

Create one or more new tags with the given names. The new tags are output as Tag objects converted to JSON.


doapi-tag show [<tag> ...]

Show tags. If no tags are specified, all tags registered to the account are shown. The tags are output as a list of Tag objects converted to JSON.

To list the individual resources with a given tag, use the show subcommand for the relevant resource type; e.g., to list all of the droplets with a given tag, run doapi-droplet show --tag=tag.


doapi-tag update <tag> <new name>

Update (i.e., rename) a tag. The updated tag is output as a Tag object converted to JSON.


doapi-tag delete <tag> ...

Delete tags. If any of the given tags do not exist, nothing is deleted. There is no output.